Social Issues Facing Millennials and Future Generations



Technology: In recent history, technological advances have occurred at one of the fastest rates. From the development of the computer and the Internet to mapping of the human genome, these changes are weighted with both potential
and responsibility. In response to recent advancements, Millennials will be faced with redefining ethical boundaries to consider issues such as genetic engineering in humans to internet privacy.Technology is also widening the amount of information available to people. In the future, it will be important for the next generation to harness technology to make knowledge more accessible, as knowledge is a source of empowerment and a way of reversing inequality. It will also be important to ensure the integrity of information and to make sure that the spread of ideas is not abused and saturated with unreliable or harmful information. In a world of social media, the realms of reality and identity are being challenged, as people are able to redefine themselves in the digital world. It will be important to use these social platforms as a way to increase communication and build healthier relationships rather than become a way of distorting reality and damaging human connection. Future generations will be handed a technology driven world, with the responsibility to use this technology to empower others and solve social issues.




Environment: Threats to the safety of our environment are a growing problem. The rising global population and limits of earth’s ability to sustain such a large population is a growing concern for the future. While some regions are able to produce surpluses of food and necessities, others face scarcity and famine. The consequences of pollution and green house gas emissions from industrial activity and transpiration are a threat to the environment. As Tepperman and Curtis explain, “Many scientists and theorists believe that unless changes are made today, environmental problems will become more severe and their consequences more intense in the future. Already, the world’s temperature has increased . . . [leading to] more frequent droughts and famines . . . higher rates of skin cancer, and more extreme weather.” Millennials are responsible for making immediate lifestyle changes that are friendly to the environment. Making these changes today will ensure that future generations will still have a planet they can appreciate and care for.







Getting Responsible and Discipline

Hey guys you know what I learned during the Immersion ? , I learn to do things that must be done on time,Getting to the office on-time, Not to absent and not to PROCASTINATE which is way too mainstream to the millenials. So I Advocate this blog for my fellow Students and to those millenials out there to get RESPONSIBLE for their very own sake and for their family. 😉






Hola gente! , soy yo otravez Drian 😉 This time I`ll post a blog about what happen today
So all of us in our section failed to compile things needed for the PE 😉 so we got a hell a low score in the 3rd quarter but here we are recovering  for our grades. We did all did our best to get win in the P.E games 😉 and get high grade so we can graduate ❤
#12-3A Brilliance



In my very first day OJT , I was like amaze how people seriously do their job. then suddenly one of my senior needs a hand. So he called me and asked me to convert some files into another files. It was my very first JOB in the company and feels like ” I need to take these files seriously ” because I worked in a Local Government Office. I was so nervous that time but I overcome my Nervousness and take the Job well. SO YEAH GUYS ! ITS A JOB WELL DONE 🙂
PS. Sorry I cant take photos during work its confidential so yea no picture for now ^_^ Maybe next time


Merry Christmas

Dec. 24 , 2017
Advance Merry Christmas Everyone 🙂 Best Wishes but dont forget to go to church because its HIS birthday 😉 I mean Our Savior Jesus Christ. This day I woke up 2pm like yea Im so exhausted and then I bring myself to ayala to go shopping for some christmas gift for the exchanging gift in our party. then after the party I spent Christmas Eve just with my very own computer set playing dota and having some snacks and coffee <3.